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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Do You Suffer From Sensitive Teeth?

If hot, cold, sweet or very acidic foods and drinks, makes your teeth or a tooth sensitive or painful then our staff at Flossophy Dental is sorry to break the news. You have sensitive teeth. Tooth sensitivity can come and go over time, but when it occurs it’s usually caused by dentin on root areas that have been exposed due to receded gums or periodontal disease. It is important to tell our doctors if you have sensitive teeth so that they can examine your mouth for tooth sensitivity and discuss the best treatment method.

Sensitive teeth can be caused by the following dental issues: worn tooth enamel from brushing aggressively, tooth erosion due to highly acidic foods and beverages, tooth decay, gum recession that leaves your root surface exposed, and grinding your teeth at night. Having a conversation with our doctors at Flossophy Dental is the first step in finding relief from your discomfort. If you’ve been suffering from painful sensitivity that keeps you from eating foods that you love, make an appointment today.

If you are suffering from sensitive teeth, please give us a call to discuss your treatment options. To learn more about the services we provide at the practice, visit www.flossophydental.ca for more information. To schedule an appointment with one of our doctors at Flossophy Dental in Edmonton, AB, call 780-306-9333.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Full and Partial Dentures in Edmonton, AB

When you are missing multiple teeth, chewing, talking, smiling, and laughing can become difficult. Your facial structure may also make you look older than you are. For those who want to replace missing teeth, here at Flossophy Dental in Edmonton, AB, we offer multiple kinds of dentures.

Dentures are a popular and durable option for tooth replacement. They are a set of new teeth that are able to be taken in and out of your mouth. Whether you are missing a few teeth or many, we have an option for you.

Dentures are created to look just like your old smile. Some dentures may even enhance your smile! We offer partial dentures and full dentures. Our full dentures are able to be placed conventionally or immediately.

Depending on your situation, you may want your new smile placed immediately. A full set of dentures is then constructed and placed into your mouth immediately after any needed extractions are performed. While this is ideal for those who do not want to spend time without teeth, the dentures will need to be refitted in the future. When gums heal from extractions, they shrink. Conventionally placed dentures wait until the gums are healed before they are placed. This ensures a proper fit.

Partial dentures are for when there are just a few teeth missing. They are adhered to your teeth like a bridge and only these types of dentures are removable.

If dentures sound like the right option for you, come see us for a consultation. To schedule with Flossophy Dental in our Edmonton, AB office, call us at (780) 306-9333 or visit our website,www.flossophydental.ca

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dental Bridge for Tooth Replacment

When teeth are missing, it is important to replace them for many reasons. In order to provide our patients with several options for tooth replacement, at Flossophy Dental in Edmonton, AB, we offer our patients dental bridges. Bridges are a popular way to replace a missing tooth.

A bridge works by using the two teeth adjacent to the open space to fit a new tooth in between them. It is called a bridge because it literally acts like a bridge! There are also bridges available for when a tooth is missing on the end of your upper or lower set of teeth.

To place a bridge, first we prepare the two adjacent teeth so that crowns can fit on top of them. We then take impressions so a dental laboratory can create the bridge. The bridge itself consists of the two crowns with a full replacement tooth in the middle, called a pontic. The patient will wear a temporary bridge while the permanent bridge is being created. A couple of weeks later, the custom bridge is bonded into place. The patient now has a natural-looking and durable solution for a missing tooth.

If you are tired of dealing with chewing differently or embarrassed of how a missing tooth makes your smile look, a bridge may be just what you need. To schedule an appointment in our Edmonton, AB office, call us at (780) 306-9333 or visit our Flossophy Dental website, www.flossophydental.ca

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Gum Grafts in Edmonton, AB

Gum disease is a detrimental condition that if left alone, can cause painful gum recession. Gum recession causes sensitivity, pain, and gives teeth an elongated look. It can also perpetuate gum disease. Here at Flossophy Dental in Edmonton, AB, we perform gum grafts so our patients can heal their recessed gum tissue.

When gum disease progresses past gingivitis, a worse condition called periodontitis takes over. Plaque and tartar can wedge itself between the tooth and the gum tissue, creating pockets. The gums pull away from the teeth, an occurrence called recession. Recession can continue to let bacteria enter the gums and hide among the tooth’s root. It can cause severe sensitivity and pain. It can also cause teeth to become loose. If nothing is done, the teeth may eventually fall out.

Part of clearing up gum disease will involve healing the recessed gums. This is where a gum graft comes in. We take tissue from another area of the mouth and stitch it down to the area of the gums where tissue is needed. The area is allowed to heal and soon a natural-looking, functional gum line is present.

If you have infected gums and notice long-looking teeth or loose teeth, do not wait to see us. To schedule an appointment in our Edmonton, AB office, call Flossophy Dental at (780) 306-9333 or visit our website, www.flossophydental.ca