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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Invisalign for Invisible Teeth Straightening

Straight teeth are a quality that many people desire. Unfortunately, we are not all born with that quality. Flossophy Dental of Edmonton, AB is offering Invisalign to their patients who want straight teeth but a more discreet straightening process.

Invisalign is the nearly invisible system for straightening teeth. The treatment consists of wearing clear, plastic tray aligners that gradually shift your teeth into place. The trays are switched out every two weeks with minor adjustments made to each set. You will meet with your dentist here about once every five weeks to make sure the plan is going accordingly.

The clear, plastic aligners are smooth, so they do not irritate gums and cheeks like traditional braces might. They are also more convenient than traditional braces, as you take out Invisalign to care for your teeth. You also do not need to watch what you eat; Invisalign is taken out for eating, as well.

Invisalign can be utilized to treat many cases that braces can. Most adult treatment durations last about one year. Teen Invisalign treatment is usually around two years in duration.

If you are looking to put your best smile forward, consider Invisalign for invisibly straightening your teeth. To schedule a consultation in our Edmonton, AB dental office, call us at (780) 306-9333 or visit our Flossophy Dental website, www.flossophydental.ca

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