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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mini Dental Implants in Edmonton, AB

Every mouth is different. In addition, everyone’s dental needs are different. Offering different options is one of the ways we show our patients that we care. Here at Flossophy Dental in Edmonton, AB, we offer our patients mini dental implants in addition to the full-sized ones.

Sometimes there is a case where a full-sized implant will not fit in the open space from a missing tooth. But our patients still want the best option for replacement. This is where mini dental implants come in. Being half the size of traditional implants, they are able to fit into smaller spaces. They are also able to be placed non-surgically due to their smaller size. This means a much quicker healing time, so permanent replacement crowns are often able to be placed the same day as the implant.

Mini implants are also great for stabilizing dentures. In this case, four to six mini implants are placed along the gum line, and the dentures are made to clip onto the top of them. They help dentures feel more secure and move around less. Most dentures are able to be altered so that they work with the mini implants.

If you are in need of a tooth replacement, or would like a more stable base for your dentures, mini implants may be the perfect option. Schedule a consultation with Flossophy Dental of Edmonton, AB by calling our office at (780) 306-9333 or visiting our website, www.flossophydental.ca

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