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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Rotary Endodontics Provide Smoother Root Canals

With new technology come more accurate treatment plans and more comfortable patients. One way we have chosen to update our dental practice in Edmonton, AB is to implement rotary endodontics. Here at Flossophy Dental, root canal therapy is quicker and easier.

Root canal therapy used to have a reputation of being painful in the past. These days, we have rotary endodontics to help us. Rotary endodontics consists of a more flexible file that is attached to a dental drill. In the past, a rigid, steel file was used manually. Now, our dental drill allows us to be quicker, gentler, and quieter.

The more flexible file is able to reach deep down into a tooth’s root without stretching the root or causing damage. This means a more comfortable process during and after the procedure. In fact, root canals these days are usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled.

If you are nervous about have a root canal performed, rest easy. Here at Flossophy Dental, we utilize current technology for a quick and smooth procedure. To schedule an appointment in our Edmonton, AB office, call us at (780) 306-9333 or visit our website, www.flossophydental.ca

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